Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super Simple Pumpkin Crafts for Your Home

Pumpkin-Painted Wood Pile

Paint the ends of wood logs with primer, then apply two coats of paint. Be sure to saw off ends before burning.

Pretty Paper Pumpkins

Transform orange paper into foldable, freestanding decorations that you can reuse every fall.

What you'll need: Orange and green solid or patterned scrapbooking paper, scissors or circle cutter, glue

Make it: Cut out 6 equal circles or ovals from matching scrapbooking paper. Fold each in half (keep desired pattern or color on the inside), then glue one half circle on top of another. When all 6 are stacked, pull the top half circle around to meet the bottom half circle and glue together. Cut a stem shape from green paper; attach to top of pumpkin with glue.

Pumpkin Paper Lanterns

Hang a pumpkin patch from the porch or ceiling. Glue cardstock facial features to paper lanterns (we found ours at and suspend using fishing line or painter's tape.

Pumpkin Wreaths

Hang a round orange wreath made from burlap and batting on your front door.

What You'll Need: 16" Styrofoam wreath form, cardboard, scissors, hot-glue gun, cotton batting, orange burlap, black adhesive-backed craft foam, green ribbon, fishing line

Make It: Cut a cardboard circle to cover the back of wreath form; attach with hot glue. Place on flat surface, cardboard side down, and fill center with cotton batting until top of mound sits about 2" higher than the wreath form. Cut 15 to 20 3"x20" strips of orange burlap for wreath covering. Glue on end of each strip to center of cardboard back, then stretch all the way around the wreath and secure other end with glue. Repeat for each strip, working in a circular motion until form is completely covered with burlap. Cut out facial features from craft foam and adhere to rounded side of wreath with hot glue. Loop a 20" piece of green ribbon through the top strip of the wreath and know consecutively to create the pumpkin's stem. Hang with fishing line.

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